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Take One Productions 336 New South Head Rd Double Bay NSW 2028

Take One Productions has over 30 years experience in the Sydney video production industry. It started as a hobby for founder Steve Trgo and is now a multi-faceted thought leader based in Double Bay. With experience in live action filming and editing, typography, rotoscoping and lots of other elongated words, we love being involved in a creative brief from the beginning. With experience in all aspects of the film making process, we love a challenge and talking directly to the end viewer. Animated corporate videos are extremely popular for online stores and small to medium businesses, integrating 2D and 3D animation with typography elements. We have vast experience in a variety of industries, positioning Take One as a leading promotional video production company in Sydney.

Long gone are the days of terribly dubbed long format training videos with shocking acting. Training portals are required to inform and educate viewers through facts, figures, stories and examples. We create engaging content using our in-house facilities and equipment such as green screen cyclorama, voice over booth, fully-equipped edit suites including Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Cinema 4D & audio software we also have autocue equipment, variety of HD, fully broadcast cameras, audio recorders, lighting kits, talent and location databases. The beauty of working in-house means you can sit with an editor or team, brainstorm, watch filming, listen to live recordings in the voice over booth and pop in to preview real-time edits when it suits. We believe great Training begins with key insights and end with high engagement and recall.

Our aim is to respond to briefs with innovative execution, care and strategic planning. We’ve created training assets as creative short films, we’ve made hype reels using kinetic typography layered with live action, internal communications should be invigorating, exciting and all encompassing. We have briefing documents to walk you through the entire process and work with you to refine messaging, delivering on the tightest of deadlines. Professional editing makes a huge difference to engagement and recall, moving away from in-house projects, to a thorough professional content relevant to internal employees within a building, nationally or internationally.

With over 30 years experience in filming, editing and post processes in Sydney, Take One has extensive experience in producing corporate web videos. Using animation, graphics, live-action footage and post filming techniques, we bring business stories to life. Promotional website video production is a great way to showcase culture and the people who bring the brand to life. Case studies are a great way to showcase how two brands are working effectively together, from product videos to services and suppliers. Professional web video production is a great way to communicate with internal employees, external suppliers, contractors and for recruitment purposes. Corporate videos have come a long way with the explosion of websites such as YouTube, Vimeo and relevant social media, which is why we love to get creative with the way we communicate with an audience, interesting website video production is worth its weight in gold.