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One of the best ways of training or showing clients how to use your products is by creating an instructional video. Here are some golden tips on how to create a quality and informative how-to video on a tight budget.


Ideally, the video should have two sections: the problem and solution. To ensure that they fully grasp what you are presenting, create an outline by first introducing yourself and sketch a visual story that is directly related to the audience. The outline should have relatable problems that your clients are facing.


For the video to be effective in conveying information or solving a particular problem, you need to keep it focused on one or two issues. Keep it short and precise by using simple language that most people can understand and allocate enough time to each problem.

Consider Length

Your target audience might lose interest in the video if it’s too lengthy. In fact, the best videos are actually 60-90 seconds long. Instead of trying to solve all problems in one video, consider creati forng two or three different videos. Don’t bombard clients with information by releasing two videos in a short time span.

Check Examples

Before contacting a video marketing agency, take some time to do a bit of research. See what your competitors are doing and what their strategy seems to be. Make a list of videos that you really enjoyed watching and that you think are suitable for your business and show it to your video marketer.

Promote It

How will your target audience know about the video if you don’t promote it? You can easily do this by posting it on your website, blog and even social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

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