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Commercial businesses create product videos for one sole reason; increasing conversion rates of online consumers. Because these videos don’t normally go beyond the four minute limit, the content has to be both compelling and informative. Here is how any business can turn online users into potential customers through product videos.

Choose a Catchy Video Title

Unless the video is set to play automatically on any web page it appears on, always tag your videos with catchy titles. Remember thousands of videos are released online every day; a good title will make the online users want to click the video. A title like ‘Want Killer Abs like Dwayne Johnson? Click this Video!” is more likely to draw the online fitness seeker to click the video.

Tell a Story

Introducing a story within the first thirty seconds of the video is great for keeping the online user glued. People respond more to stories than facts being thrown at them. The story can be delivered through animation to make it more interesting. In the story, make sure the watching user gets the need mentioned and they identify with it.

Search Engine Optimise Product Videos

A product video can be catchy, informative and have enough essence to send conversion rates soaring. However, if the video cannot make it on the first page of the search engine result pages, it does no good to anyone. Optimise the product videos with keywords that target the consumer market the product is meant for. The video title, video description or video links are great opportunities to optimise with keywords.

Add Testimonials in the Video

Online users rarely want to be the guinea pigs of a new product in the market. But if they can hear the success rate of the product on other users, their trust is earned and can consider buying the product. Add a few testimonials towards the end of the video right before closing with a call to action.

Have these four tips in mind when creating a product video to increase conversion rates.

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